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Michel Arseneau


Owner / Operator


Hobbies/Interests:              "My interest in the automotive industry was driven primarily by 

                                           style, colour, and a passion for man and machine. With my

                                           passion for trends, color, and style combined with an

                                           appreciation for art and music, it was a natural transition into

                                           my most current endeavor; The Carpet Ranch."



Role Model:                         "I am often inspired by our associates at the store, those who

                                             contribute great ideas, and those who go out of their way for

                                             our customers. I am moved by all those who demonstrate

                                             leadership at all levels."



Favorite Book:                      The 7 Effective Habits of Highly effective People

                                              by Stephen Covey



Favorite Artist:                       "Right now I love the Black Keys"



Quote:                                   "Life is short, but wide & you can make it

                                              as wide as you want."